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So far this year they have spotted 27 right whales, with the goal of keeping them alive."The survey has been designed to look where we most expect to see those right whales."That's why we are circling back to identify the right whale properly before we transmit the information to Transport Canada and the Fisheries managers to shut down fishing zones or reduce the speed in shipping lanes," he said.Hunter Mc Grady was named the "curviest" model to grace the pages of Sports Illustrated's annual Swimsuit Issue when she appeared in nothing but body paint for her photo shoot in the 2017 installment.When she isn't fiercely shutting down the thigh-gap debate and clapping back at body shamers, the 27-year-old is showing off her sexy curves for her 4 million followers.

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"The objective of the aerial surveillance is to provide estimates of abundance and presence of right whales in the shipping lanes and the fishing areas," he said.

"The planes are flying between 800 feet and 1,500 feet off the water and the observers are just looking out the windows and visually detecting whales," he said.

Bubble-shaped windows allow observers to look down at the water.

However, DFO said despite the ongoing fishery closures, the current value of the snow crab fishery this year is higher than it was at the same point in 2016.

The department said landings -- or catches of snow crab -- are valued at approximately 8 million so far for 2018, compared with 2 million for the same point in 2016.

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