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This ensures the safety of utility workers as well as your portable generator by isolating the two systems and not allowing both breakers to be in the “on” position at the same time.We recommend these products to anyone interested in purchasing a new portable generator, and especially to those who have an existing portable generator and are in need of a simple and affordable solution for manually transferring power during outages.

Generator Interlock kits are relatively new products that allow for the safe and convenient connection of a portable generator to your homes electrical system.Therefore if a rule exists with the Internet tag and Deny action, it can result in some unexpected behaviour of virtual machine extensions (denotes all of your network address space.It includes the virtual network address space (CIDR ranges defined in Azure) as well as all connected on-premises address spaces and connected Azure VNets (local networks).” Now I’m not 100% sure, but I think it means that this tag should correspond to all of the routes the VNet’s gateway can see.This feature allows us to see Events and Rule Counts on each of the rules within the NSG.It also, however, allows us to dig a bit deeper into what these tags are and how traffic is handled by the default rules.

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