Whos dating wentworth miller

Also in 2003, he had a minor role in the film Underworld, playing a doctor and friend of the character Michael Corvin.

In 2005, Miller was cast as Michael Scofield in Fox Network's television drama Prison Break.

Currently, Luke Macfarlane is working on Killjoys (2015-2017) a comedy action tv show alongside Aaron Ashmore as well The Night Shift (2014-2016). One is The Mistletoe Promise in which he will play a role as Nicholas Derr which will air late this year and another in Rock Paper Dead in which he can be seen as Peter Harris and is due for 2017.

Also, Luke's relation with Chad has made us think that Luke and Wentworth broke up.

Luke Macfarlane did have broken relationships with boyfriends in the past, so this was no shock, to be honest. At last in March 2008, Luke was seen with semi-professional Wrestler-cum-actor Chad Slivenski also known as Chad Austin with whom no pictures are available.

He identified strongly with the core dilemma of the movie, about a black man who chooses to "pass" as white.

Miller worked extensively on the role, not only in researching Anthony Hopkins, but by embarking on a four-month regimen to accurately portray Silk as a boxer.

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