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Listening to the lyrics, though, it's hard not to think of Mc Lachlan's own recent history: "Time for you to walk out, walk in your own shoes. Leave it all behind and move on; you are your own woman." Mc Lachlan and drummer Ashwin Sood split in 2008. They share the parenting and are still in each other's lives. "He's a really good drummer and there's such an ease. We might not be compatible as husband and wife, but we're compatible for so many other things." Mc Lachlan's own parents had an unhappy union. And now that I look back on it, it was a complete money grab to go back and think that we could just pull this out and do it again and have it be a success." The failure led, ultimately, to her split with Mc Bride and his Nettwerk label."They were married 52 years, I think hated each other for 40," she says. Mc Lachlan revived her seminal 1990s all-female Lilith Fair concert tour, but it flopped. is the first of a two-record deal with Universal's Verve Music Group (out on Universal in Canada).Dressed in camo-pants and a tank top, she was nursing a painful leg – a tennis injury suffered in Hawaii the previous weekend with her boyfriend, former NHL star Geoff Courtnall.(See charmed life, above.) Even in pain and about to head to an MRI, she appeared genuinely happy and relaxed – in contrast, I suggested, to how she seemed when "We get to our 40s and it's inevitable: You can't help but experience loss and suffering. The recognition of the process of life is very much in this record," says Mc Lachlan, 46. That's where we really find out who we are – when we have to push up against something that's really hard." The album, dedicated in part to her father, opens with a euphoric female-empowerment anthem, . She began writing the song about bullying – Mc Lachlan was ostracized as a kid – but it transformed into an ode to Malala Yousafzai, the teenaged Pakistani girls' education activist who survived a Taliban assassination attempt in 2012.“We’re in a different city every day, and there are hotels and pools and room service and science museums.” , and has no plans to expand her repertoire to include scat singing or jazz standards when she visits jazz fests. “That would be disingenuous and embarrassing because I suck at it.

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The couple was married in 1997 and went on two have two daughters.Sarah Mc Lachlan and Ashwin Sood seemed happy for most of their marriage, so their divorce came as a shock for many. It’s been alleged that Ashwin had cheated on Sarah and whilst neither of them has really clarified the reason for their divorce, Sarah certainly called it a ‘pretty gross’ situation.Only in the aftermath did it become clear just how heartbroken she was over the failure of her marriage.The two people in it merely failed to keep it going.But good things came out of her relationship to Ashwin as well, namely her two daughters.

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