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The album features several songs from his channel that were remixed for the album, as well as several new, previously unreleased songs. nerimon), has released a number of tracks on You Tube as music videos, such as the highly popular Forever Yours, which peaked at number 4 in the UK charts.The music videos for a number of these were directed by Mc Donnell, some even starring him or featuring him at some point in the video.

In 2008, Mc Donnell participated in a video-blog collaboration with four other You Tube personalities, titled "Five Awesome Guys," a spin-off project of the "Five Awesome Girls" which featured hayleyghoover and italktosnakes and ran from 28 January to 31 December of that year.On 15 June 2011, his You Tube channel charlieissocoollike became the first in the UK to reach one million subscribers, and in May 2013, his channel reached two million subscribers.As a musician, Mc Donnell was a member of Doctor Who-themed rock band Chameleon Circuit and was also a member of the short-lived project Sons of Admirals until it was disbanded in May 2011.He first came to prominence when his video titled "How To Get Featured on You Tube" became popular after it was featured on You Tube's UK homepage.His audience jumped from just under 150 subscribers to over 4,000 in two days.

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