Who is kristina debarge dating

Pepa asks Kristinia about her relationship with Adonis and Kristinia tells her that she has known the producer since she was 19.

Log in to Reply Her mother is Christine Marie Mc Donald.Kristinia’s maternal grandparents are Rex Michael Mc Donald (the son of Wallace Mc Donald and Dora Aurora Nandino) and Susan Ann Valles.Wallace was the son of Carl Eugene Mc Donald, of English, Irish, some Welsh, and remote Icelandic (through his 4rd great-grandfather Jón Jónsson, from Sleðbrjótssel, Norður-Múlasýsla, Austurland, Iceland) descent, and Emma Hazel Jacobson, of Danish and Norwegian descent.In countries like Colombia and Venezuela there are a an important percentage of people that are 100% black, but average mestizo and castizo is not 25% black. Adonis – Growing Up Hip Hop, Kristinia De Barge Kristinia De Barge has an interesting relationship with her producer, Adonis Shropshire.

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