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What way to get back at Peter who has allegedly been cheating on her for years and who has used her money to fund businesses he couldn’t keep.

Good riddance to Peter, I’m sure Cynthia feels the weight off her back and her daughter Noelle can now relax and not have to worry about her mother’s dysfunctional marriage to her step-father.

He acts out." In addition to Matt's young age (he's 29), Kenya said his inexperience with relationships like this may be causing his behavior.

Kenya told Andy that she isn't sure how many chances she'll give Matt. "I clearly have love for this man, and I see that there are issues that we need to work out and that he needs to work on." Matt wasn't the only person to make a surprise appearance at the Moore Manor housewarming party.

We shall see, if indeed these two are really dating, remember, this is a reality show and the new season is airing sometime this year.

Apparently, Chef Roble’ has already filmed a couple of episodes with Cynthia and maybe it will be good crossover for the Chef since his own reality show ended in 2013.

Cheating scandals abound over the next few years, and the couple admitted they weren't living together last spring.

Kenya Moore is opening up about her dating life and how she is doing post break-up with Walter Jackson.In a new interview Kenya reveals she’s dating somebody special!Kenya says she is “currently dating, has a great guy in her life, and is really excited!There is nothing like a 17-year-age gap to recharge Cynthia’s sexual appetite.She and the Chef are definitely at their sexual peaks, so this is a great time for her to get back and finally have some fun, while enjoying her life at the SAME DAMN TIME.

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