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These esteemed doctors revealed that the second ingredient in this anti aging serum is Qu Some.

I was floored by these results and looked 10 years younger. My crow's feet, prominent lines on my forehead, saggy skin on my neck and deep age spots on my cheeks had all disappeared.

WEEK 2: After two weeks of taking the Kathie Lee weight loss pills, I had even more energy and was sleeping better than ever. I have often said on my show that weight loss can seem like an impossible challenge.

I no longer tossed and turned all night because my body was able to actually relax. However, after all of my research and interviewing several success stories, I'm thrilled about this medical breakthrough.

Multitudes of skin care products are offered to women, but many of them are gimmicks.

The most effective options are usually too costly for most women to purchase.

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