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‘We all try to look as good as we can, but I do have moments when I slob around – I don’t wear make-up every day and I’ll just put on some shades when I go out,’ she says.‘I did go through a period when I let myself go, but I got sick of the way I looked in clothes, so I started working out again.‘It gave me a licence to expect anything and not be predetermined, which proved great for me career-wise.As I got older, I realised the differences between us – I knew that I was an artist, and although my parents were interested in the arts, they didn’t work in the arts.‘They framed it in a bedtime story about [a child] being chosen and then said, “And that’s how we got you,”’ says Debbie.‘Being adopted gave me a bit more freedom in a way,’ she says.There is, though, a certain stillness about her, a watchfulness as she carries herself with the easy confidence of a woman used to being admired.When she was on Desert Island Discs recently, even the normally reserved Kirsty Young was moved to remark, ‘When I was younger, I wasted ten years wanting to be Debbie Harry.’ Does it ever get boring being told how fabulous she is?

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Clad in a black wool dress, black tights and black biker boots under a long olive-green coat, she wanders into Champneys health resort in Hertfordshire a tiny, unassuming figure.

‘At the same time, the industry collapsed and labels started going down, and even though we’d had little periods of touring, we wanted to come back with an album.

We’ve always tried to be experimental and we like what’s going on with music today – we’re not just sitting back going, “Oh, things used to be so much better.” We like hearing new things and we like the younger artists,’ she says.

Just turned 66, Debbie looks terrific: trim and neat and undeniably pretty underneath the tiniest smidge of make-up.

In addition to the album, Blondie will be touring, and in preparation Debbie has been working out with a trainer (‘I wanted to get back to my fighting weight’).

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