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"It's no surprise, then, that Danny has admitted he's pretty similar to his 'Oaks character.He said: "I look and sound a bit like him and all his likeable characteristics must be similar to me!She revealed about the first time they went out together: "He called me a different girls name and got really drunk!Ha ha but I don’t regret giving him a chance to redeem himself, he certainly did!DANNY Mac won the hearts of the nation when he appeared on Strictly Come Dancing.He has now reportedly got married – here’s what we know…Dodger is brother to Liberty and Will and the son of Dirk Savage - though he later finds out Dirk isn't his biological father.His biological father is in fact Patrick Blake and Doger also learns he has a twin sister named Sienna.

He was in a relationship with Texas Longford before she dumped him and married his brother, Will.

When Myra Mc Queen arrives home, she demands they leave and though she briefly changes her mind they end up living in a caravan outside.

They then move into a houseboat on the river in front of The Dog.

He graduated from in 2009 with a BA Hons degree in Performing Arts.

His nicknames as a youngster were “Mac” and “Macca”, which explains how his stage name was chosen.

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