Vintage fender amplifier dating

While doing research on Fender amps in general, and the Champ in particular, I came across the most amazing series of articles by Greg Gagliano on the subject. If you have any interest in vintage Fender tube amps, without question you’ve got to read them all.

The process that went into figuring all of this stuff out over 6 years and countless owners of vintage Fender amps is hands down an amazing story.

the #'s I see are top line 22848, underneath 606 40747 Maybe I am missing something, but these #'s don't seem to add up.

Anyone know whats going on here and what year it might be?

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“Dating Fender Amps by Serial Number, Part IV,” 20th Century Guitar Magazine, Gagliano, G., March 2001. *”Dating Fender Amps by Serial Number, Part V,” 20th Century Guitar Magazine, Gagliano, G., January 2002. (This is where the partial chart above came from) “Dating Fender Amps by Serial Number, Part VI” Vintage Guitar Magazine, Gagliano, G., April 2010.

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Now I think I may have found it (Silverface Pro Reverb), but I'm confused by the #'s the guy is telling me.

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