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She leaves him tied up and goes to get someone to help her torture him more. Ava Steel has her first victim ever strapped to the ticklemaster for a bit of fun.She starts out teasingly raking him with her nails making him squirm and giggle.Delirious was brutal with her tickles even going as far as using "Bear Claws".What was even worse though after she forced him to ejaculate she didn't hesitate to ruin his orgasm with several minutes of tickling. Hey Babe, I know you're wondering whats going on with me having you all tied up.Needless to say I finally got and I'm sorry sis and left him tied to the bed. (HD) Curvy Ebony beauty Jenna J Foxx has never been able to fulfill her fantasy of tormenting a guy til now.

I stroked his cock and forced him to cum before tormenting him even more.Aaliyah teases him with her fingers as much as possible then remembers the orgasm sensitivity lesson from the other day.Aaliyah strokes his cock until he explodes then tickles him a bit more.He begs to be released and after a few minutes Maxine gives him one. Rather than stop Maxine strokes his sensitive cock even harder and tickles him until she gets tired.I'm sure she'll be back later to clean up the mess again though.

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