Vba status bar not updating

Status Bar = "Executing " & lng Counter & _ " of " & lng Number Of Tasks & " | " & _ "Custom Message " & lng Counter Next lng Counter 'Letting Excel Take over the status bar Application.Status Bar = False End Sub Another popular method is to deploy a User Form and have a label control that displays a message.This worked for me: Create this function, then use it within a subroutine; e.g., A_Status Bar("Write this in the status bar").Or, in a macro use Run Code and use the same syntax.I seem to remember that even closing then re-opening Access won't reset it.Linq ;0) Although, as this only really turns on the updating of it (rather than the existence of it) I was rather pinning my hopes on setting the Status bar back to being shown on the screen. Hopefully after a reboot and a restart of Access it may be fixed now (crosses fingers).I intend to write about the best practices in the coming weeks, but let us get back to the issue at hand.

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A fellow struggler, a good friend of mine, used to create dedicated forms for each of his macros, just to display a progress bar.

Status Bar = "Status" I found that it does not update after running Workbooks. Before the line, status bar updates work fine, and after that line, no updates appear.

Open(Filename:=New File) After that line, any statusbar changes do not occur. Is this because the workbook is opening while screen updating is off?

Function is Form Open(By Val Form Name As String) As Boolean 'Declare Function level Objects Dim uf Form As Object 'Set the Function to False is Form Open = False 'Loop through all the open forms For Each uf Form In VBA.

I suppose I will need to understand this better somehow. The few times I've tried using it it did some strange things, and I believe you have to explicitly turn it back on. Unfortunately, today my status bar has disappeared completely (probably related somehow to the testing I would guess) and won't return even when I tell it to using Tools / Options.

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