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The overall syntax has mostly been ported but it's still quite far from finished and the code has not been tested, and I'm not searching for phone numbers in my projects, but if anyone needs that feature they could continue where I left off: see .

Such a person must also let others (including me) know that he's working on the feature to avoid any conflicts: a pull request must be created right away and code must be committed on a daily basis regardless of whether it works or not.

Implementing a rigorous phone number formatting and parsing library was crucial for the phone OS overall usability (back then, in the early 2000s, it was originally meant to be a phone after all, not just a social media device). It can still be compiled into one big bundle which weighs 530 kilobytes (330 k B code 200 k B metadata) — quite a size for a phone number input component.

This function will work if ) metadata is available (see Metadata section of this document).

The regular expressions used to differentiate between various phone number types consume a lot of space (two thirds of the total size of the doesn't actually exist in Germany.

So, the general phone number rules for a country are mainly for phone number formatting: they dictate how different phone numbers (matching those general regular expressions) should be formatted.

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To find out if your web browser supports Java Script or to enable Java Script, see web browser help.

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