Uti form for updating of bank details

Scheme / Plan / Option UTI - I/ We wish to register the Bank Account Details in my / our folio as mentioned below : Bank details Name of the Bank Branch Account number Account type  Saving  Current  NRE  NRO MICR (9 Digit) IFS Code (11 Character) Branch address Branch City Branch Pin code I enclose herewith self attested copies of the following documents as listed at ‘B’, C’ and ‘D’ below.#Pertaining to Previous 3 months from the date of submission. PROOF OF IDENTITY : (any one) : (Please tick against the relevant box)  PAN copy  Passport copy  Aadhar Card  Photo Ration Card  Voter Identity card  Driving License  Photo Debit Card  Govt. Please update my following details also:- Mobile No PAN Please attach PAN Card Copy Email ID DECLARATION AND SIGNATURE OF UNITHOLDER/S (To be signed as per the mode of holding) I/we have read and understood the guidelines printed on the reverse of this Form and agree to abide by the same.Her 3-year old cat had recurrent IBS symptoms, particularly diarrhea, chronically loose stools, and vomiting.Miette had so much gastrointestinal distress that Deborah could frequently feel and hear her gut gurgling.Life dramatically improved – but again only for a couple weeks.We tried a couple more changes in food, and that made a difference, but again only for a couple weeks at the most…In order to protect the interest of the investors, following documents are requested for Registration of Bank Account Details: A] Proof of Bank Account (Please refer to Para B of the Form on the reverse) B] Proof of identity (Please refer to Para C of the Form on the reverse) C] Proof of Investment (Please refer to Para D of the Form on the reverse) 3. The change of bank account details will be processed subject to verification of signature and subject to receipt of all the required documents. In case you wish to register more than one bank account (upto 5), please fill up “Multiple Bank Account Registration Form”. In case of any assistance, please contact nearest UTI Financial centre.Please carry the original documents of the copies you wish to submit towards the proof. Check list  The Form is complete in all respects  The form is signed by the holders as per the holding basis  Copy of proof of Bank Account is attached  Copy of proof of identity is attached.

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