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- Internal improvements in plugins upgrade mechanism. - Help line is displayed when some text field is active. Zappiti Player firmware version "130515_2104_b6" Zappiti Player: dune_firmware_zappiti__base3d_130515_2104_b6zip Zappiti Player Mini: dune_firmware_zappiti__tv303d_130515_2104_b6zip Changes since 130429_1605_b6: - Default value of SMB workgroup setting is changed to "WORKGROUP".Advanced Index Compression works well on all supported indexes, including those indexes that are not good candidates for the existing prefix compression feature; including indexes with no, or few, duplicate values in the leading columns of the index. Connect the flash memory to a free USB Host port of your Zappiti Player. Please disconnect all your other devices and HDD (internal / external) connected to your Zappiti Player before to start the firmware update process.

Then please follow the process step by step by reading them one more time. Put a firmware DFF file at the top level of a USB flash drive (preferably use exactly the same firmware version as was attempted to install during the failed upgrade). Rename the firmware DFF file on the USB flash drive into "dune_firmware.dff". Switch the player off (using the power button on the player). Attach the USB flash drive with the "dune_firmware.dff" file to the player. Possible error codes: - "ERR Ann", "ERR Bnn", "ERR Cnn": A problem with the "dune_firmware.dff" (the file is invalid/broken, the file corresponds to a wrong player model, the file can not be read from the USB drive, etc). Detach the USB flash drive from the player, and delete the "dune_firmware.dff" file from it (do not attach the USB flash drive with this file to the player when you switch the player on, otherwise, the player will attempt to recover the firmware again). Switch the player off (using the power button on the player). If this procedure does not solve your issues, please follow this process: 1. - Bugfix: recording could crash in some rare cases. Zappiti Player firmware version "131014_0158_b8" (beta) Zappiti Player: dune_firmware_zappiti__base3d_131014_0158_b8zip Zappiti Player Mini: dune_firmware_zappiti__tv303d_131014_0158_b8zip Changes since 130515_2104_b6: - Fix the MKV 23.976p issues. - Improved bluray_play action from flashlite applications: bluray-lite is launched on player models where real bluray is not supported. - Fixed bug with handling scan Wi-Fi networks errors. Zappiti Player firmware version "130429_1605_b6" (beta) Zappiti Player: dune_firmware_zappiti__base3d_130429_1605_b6zip (Dropbox) Zappiti Player Mini: dune_firmware_zappiti__tv303d_130429_1605_b6zip (Dropbox) Changes since 130402_1912_b5: - Fix the audio issues. - Fix DVD sound issues on both S/PDIF and analog audio outpout.

You can do it with Win Zip, or other softwares (Win Rar, 7z, ...).

Wait until the flash memory mount on your computer.

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Licensee shall only be entitled to make a copy exclusively reserved for personal backup purposes (backup copy).

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