Updating jeppfd to 1 1 0

We are performing compatibility testing between Fore Flight and the newly released i OS 11.4 to ensure that everything is working smoothly.

We will update this post with an “all-clear” when testing is completed.

An inactive site key can only be reactivated by contacting Technical Support.

The contact information for Technical Support can be found on the left side of this page.

They will then work with their Jeppesen Account Manager to coordinate this deployment for your company. After you've installed and activated Mobile Flite Deck, you can find the site key by opening the i Pad Settings.

Tap the Jepp FD button under the Apps category at the bottom-left.

If you've installed Jepp View 3 on a PC, you can find the terminal charts coverage areas in Jepp View by selecting Help While connected to the Internet, tap the Settings icon at the top-right, followed by the Update button. On the right side, set the Deactivate option to ON.Printing from an i Pad requires an Air Print-enabled printer. No, only one serial number can be used in the application.However, you may be able to combine the coverage areas under one of the subscriptions.Go to the i Pad's global settings and select Jepp FD.Make note of your 16-digit serial number in the Registration field underneath Account Info, as you will be required to re-enter it. Launch the Jepp FD app and select Proceed when the Deactivate popup appears.

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