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When you change a Template, any VDB which has a reference to that template will be affected during it's next Refresh or Rewind operation. A Inherited Parameters take their value from the source database.Delphix allows for these parameters to be customized to your specific needs either with Templates or through individual settings.# Also, if the oracle_trace_collection_name parameter is non-null, # every session will write to the named collection, as well as # enabling you to schedule future collections from the console.# oracle_trace_enable = true # oracle_trace_collection_name = "" # define directories to store trace and alert files #event = "10061 trace name context forever, level 10" ORACLE instance started.Total System Global Area 2550136832 bytes Fixed Size 3048872 bytes Variable Size 671091288 bytes Database Buffers 1862270976 bytes Redo Buffers 13725696 bytes Database mounted. SQL processes = 150 memory_target = 816M control_files = "c:\app\oracle\product\oradata\orabase\control01.ctl" control_files = "c:\app\oracle\product\oradata\orabase\control02.ctl" control_files = "c:\app\oracle\product\oradata\orabase\control03.ctl" db_block_size = 8192 compatible = "" standby_archive_dest = "c:\app\oracle\fast_recovery_area\orabase" db_recovery_file_dest = "c:\app\oracle\fast_recovery_area" db_recovery_file_dest_size= 2G db_flashback_retention_target= 2880 undo_tablespace = "UNDOTBS1" undo_retention = 3600 remote_login_passwordfile='EXCLUSIVE' db_domain = "MORGANSLIBRARY.

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These initialization parameters are either stored in a PFILE or SPFILE. This file normally reside on the server, however, you need a local copy if you want to start Oracle from a remote machine. This means you no longer need a local copy of the pfile to start the database from a remote machine.

# # NOTE: The values that are used in this file are only intended to be used # as a starting point.

ORA file # # This file is provided by Oracle Corporation to help you start by providing # a starting point to customize your RDBMS installation for your site.

Example Inherited Parameters: Defaulted Parameters do not take their default from the source database.

These parameters are usually only applicable for a specific database, and it would be incorrect to copy the values from the source database to the VDB.

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