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The OBi PHONE port can select from the following services to which it can complete a call: SP1 Service (SP1), SP2 Service (SP2), SP3 Service (SP3), SP4 Service (SP4), OBi Blue Tooth 1 Service (BT1), OBi Blue Tooth 2 Service (BT2), OBi TALK Service (PP1), and PSTN Line (LI1).PHONE PORT:: Call Return Digit Maps You may connect the OBi PHONE port to an external PA system via an RJ11-to-Line-Out connector (available at many popular electronics shops), and enable the PHONE port option Use For Paging Only.You may connect an OBi LINE USB to FXO adapter to the USB Port of the OBi device to provide an extra Line port.In that case, many of the Line Port related features and configuration parameters described in this guide will be applicable on that device.Up to four (4) TGs can be defined in an OBi (see the section Trunk Groups for detail).You can make one of the available trunks or TG1 as the Primary Line for outbound calls.In this configuration, the phone port is expected to be off-hook all the time. When the phone port goes from on-hook to off-hook, in case the user needs to dial * * * to invoke the IVR, the OBi will play a dial tone for 5 seconds.After 5 seconds the OBi will turn silent and be ready to accept an incoming call to page.

Anonymous access is limited to read-only without being prompted by the OBi device to enter a User ID or Password.Use of any power adaptor other than what was provided with the OBi will void the warranty and may cause the unit to not function at all or cause undesired operation.There are four (4) LED lights on the top of the OBi.Whats more is the application of the functional configuration is controlled by device configuration files tightly integrated with the settings configured by the OBi TALK portal and cloud-based applications managed by Obihai which make possible the devices plug-n-play operation.is the heading of the parameter group on the left side panel of the device configuration web page and may contain spaces.

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