Updating email address in icq

"joeydin" is my ftp account, its also my root directory, and "test-access" is file that I want to protect. When prompted for local file, type the location and name of file to upload (c:\htaccess.txt) G. This is the file that .htaccess look into when it has to verify the user again the password The file is in this format: Username:password The user name can be in plain text, but the password has to be encrypted.

Step 2 Save this file with any name you wish say in your C drive. Type "ftp", space, and 2.82 (IP address of the web server) D. When prompted for remote file, type .htaccess so is uploaded to your root directory with its name replaced to .htaccess. As an example, my file has the format test1: F9d L96L2Ktsa Q B.

As for Linux/Unix user, you can simply vi these files.

Efficient distribution of presence is currently however a technological scalability issue for both XMPP and SIP/SIMPLE.

Serverless protocols don't have any central entities (usually companies) controlling the network. Such systems are usually extremely resistant to surveillance and censorship.

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Notifications and messages are always synchronized between all devices.

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