Updating bios eee pc 4g

While at the BIOS screen, press ALT and F2 simultaneously. If all goes well, it should detect the USB stick, read the ROM file and start the update procedure.

Remember to re-enable some devices that will be turned off by the new BIOS.full - which is pretty much a normal ubuntu install with a different theme.netbook - which is the same as full but with the net book launcher (same as easy peasy (aka ubuntu-eee) but with a different theme) and minimum - which is just a normal install but without the extra crap apps (games etc.) hit escape repeatedly to get into the boot menu.The solution: You need a USB stick formatted as FAT16. Then you will have to download the ROM file from ASUS website and rename it to something like 900.ROM (if your model is eee PC 1000, that would be 1000. Copy the ROM file to the USB stick, plug it in and restart your eee PC.

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