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In mid-2011, Jive Label Group was separated from the RCA Music Group and joined Epic Records under the newly formed Epic Label Group.

Because of the stylistic focus of the new group (largely urban music), some of Jive's non-urban artists, such as Britney Spears, stayed with RCA Records.

Though the RCA/Jive Label Group was often mentioned in press releases, and the entity often appeared as a copyright and phonograph rights holder on actual releases (this changed recently as of 2010, with each individual label being credited as itself on phonograph rights), it had a less public presence and no known website.

RCA/Jive Label Group was a short-lived American record label group, owned by Sony Music Entertainment and representing the merger of the RCA Music Group and Jive Label Group.

Staff and artists associated with Jive were moved to a restructured Epic Records which is aimed to focus on (mostly) urban music.

RCA Music Group remained on its own, and even took on some of the non-urban artist from Jive, such as notable pop superstar Britney Spears.

RCA/Jive consisted of several flagship record labels, which originally formed part of BMG before being absorbed into Sony's operations.

It became a part of the BMG Label Group along with Zomba, and remained unscathed after the rebranding.

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