Updating a 1970 s contemporary house

BUY TICKETS Rama Vaidyanathan and Company, Friday October 13th PM.BUY TICKETS Leela Samson and Spanda Dance Company, Saturday October 14th PM.

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Samson is a renowned Bharata Natyam dancer and choreographer known for her approach to updating the form’s repertoire while maintaining its traditions. Daniel Phoenix Singh planted a field of them in his new “Mortal Tongues, Immortal Stories”, a dance in memory of the poetry and poets of AIDS.

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Mallika Sarabhai and Company, Thursday October 12th PM.

In this production, topics range from global warming, relationships, and even intriguing thoughts such as an aethist’s relationship to the goddess.

Known for constantly championing the underserved through dance, Sarabhai frames art as the most important tool for social critique.

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