Ultrasound accuracy in dating pregnancy

The abnormal pregnancy makes lower levels of HCG, which might be slow to detect.

The HCG level can subsequently increase and become detectable though more slowly than with a normal pregnancy.

It is especially important to make sure you don't have an ectopic pregnancy.

There are case reports of ectopic pregnancies reaching a point of rupture in the face of a negative home urine pregnancy test.

A repeat pregnancy test will be negative a few days later.

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Quality control is not perfect in the manufacturing of any product.HCG takes an average of one to two weeks to become negative but can take longer depending on how far pregnant you were when your pregnancy ended.Be aware, though, that a positive urine or blood test can mean you still have pregnancy tissue in your uterus.One of the more common reasons for getting a false negative pregnancy test result is that you did the test too early.This is especially true for home urine pregnancy tests (HPT).

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