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Victims often end up losing their life savings, health and peace of mind.

Top10 Scams Online Shopping and Auctions Fraud involves a wide variety of methods, including bogus websites, or the exploitation of legitimate sale platforms and spoofed payment services, that whilst looking legitimate, are in fact controlled by the fraudster.

An example of this could be someone being emailed a cyber scam asking for money.

Cyber Crime - Old Crimes, New Tools The internet is an exciting and interesting tool, but the increase in on-line banking and shopping is being met by a rise in its use for criminal purposes.

Cyber bullying exists in many different forms, including the following: Email Bullies commonly send victims inappropriate images and abusive group or singular emails to cause humiliation.According to research by the Office of Fair Trading around three million UK consumers lose a total of £3.5 billion every year to scams that arrive through their door.Fake lottery and prize draw wins, bogus psychic predications, get rich quick investment cons and miracle health cures are just some of the tricks scammers try.In most cases, IM applications will require you to ‘add’ or ‘approve’ new contacts and use is generally reserved for individuals who already know/are acquainted with one another (it is advisable to not add anyone you don’t know).Chat rooms Similarly to IM, chat rooms allow individuals to talk in real time, though this time the talking is generally between parties who have not met/do not know one another.

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