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" "I've always fantasized about making out with a Superhero." Linda slid onto the sofa and wrapped her arms around me. " I said "Come join me on the couch please Supergirl." "Why? " "Yes please." "Watch this....." She began to spin on her heels and soon became a swirling vortex of Red and Blue then bang Linda was gone and there stood Supergirl."Outstanding!This is an example of one of the perils of reading nonverbal communication. Some people can go into anaphylactic shock and die from them (like bee stings), and this physiological chaos was going on in me, though to a lesser degree. I was short of breath, impatient, talking in a terse tone of voice, using short words and sentences.Find out how to be "optimistic with life the way it is". You will have more beautiful girls that want to be with you than you can handle!

She was Smart, Funny and very very passionate about....things.

NASA reports that the Gyroscopes have malfunctioned and it's in danger of Burning up in the atmosphere." "Oh........

The Journeyman Space Plane has suffered a catastrophic power failure.

Or the boss who's furious because he just had a fight with his wife, and is not furious with you. Coaching individuals in EQ, career, transition, relationships and personal and professional development.

She is the author of "Nonverbal Communication: The EQ Way." For free EQ ezine, [email protected] "ezine" for subject line.

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