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Clayton Utz given 5,000 of taxpayer's money by the CSA to defend a case brought by one lone father standing against an incorrect assessment that he owed child support of ,000.Father DT, a "determined litigant" is an inspiration to others.Associate Professor Bruce Smyth, said his work has NOT been correctly represented in Leach's new book.Lawyers will use her lies in her book of bullshit "Family breakdown" to try and deny access to father, so if you hear the name Penelope Leach or her book is quoted, refer to the original research and comments by Associate Professor Bruce Smyth that Penelope misrepresented the research to give a "crude diversive gender message". The Labor party have acted since Whitlam's reform of family law to destroy ancient legal common law rights in the family court.You don't need to commit a crime anymore to be almost considered a criminal, someone just has to fear you, no matter how paranoid, deluded or malicious that belief is.An aggravated violence order required evidence of past assault.

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Misandrist Penelope Leach lied about research findings to try and justify denying access to fathers.At Broadmeadows Magistrate Court in Melbourne for example, there are two lines, one for all other criminal matters and the other for Intervention Orders.What a fearful society of psychological and emotional isolation, I'm scared of you keep away, mummy, mummy, police police. You can get civil intervention orders on a balance of probabilities, that can have criminal consequences without any evidence ever being presented. All you really need are consent orders, for example, a template agreement for you to modify for your own circumstances Consent Orders.BUT People keep sending me tragic stories of injustices, I never get paid for my work, not one cent from family law pages to help people avoid what I faced, many people will pay thousands to solicitors but do not value my efforts to help them with the paperwork and psychology of divorce.

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