Straight grinder dating

It’s 2013, and society is becoming somewhat blasé about guys liking guys.Why then is it that Grindr is littered with quasi-hetros, married men and ‘bi’ guys that simply “want to try it”?It may cyber-tickle some guys in the right place; the idea of a seemingly straight guy falling prey to your animal magnetism is flattering (I mean, we are fabulous) but if you really look at it, past the provocative pictures and school-boy fantasies, it’s really not that flattering; it’s actually down right degrading.I’ve been comfortable with my sexuality since the age of 13.Bonus points if you try it on Yik Yak – but you’ll be left watching from the sidelines while Grindr does it properly.

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So I can’t fathom why some people still linger on the edge of Narnia’s exit wing.

You can see a guy’s picture – often some washboard abs or a candid seaside snap made better with a healthy dosing of X-Pro II, or other filter faker, alongside their weight, height and a small bio about themselves.

Grindr is populated by a vast cross section of the LGBT community, but as with any group you have fleeting encounters with, some peacock and stand out in your mind more than others.

It belittles the gay community; the fact that we’re seen as mere playthings by some orientation-challenged men who, once they’ve had their fun, toss us to the side like last season’s clothes is degrading.

Many people struggled with their sexuality and for some coward to come along and request us to do the job that his girlfriend/wife can’t, and then simply ignore us afterwords, is pathetic.

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