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She opens the meeting with the warm, calm voice of a counselor. For the past few years, Fiasca has hosted twice monthly meetups on the west and east sides of Portland for prospective housemates.Attendees pay a suggested for the in-person gatherings, which offer a place for people to meet without inviting strangers into their homes.This fall, the nonprofit plans to launch Metro Home Share, a new iteration of a shared housing program they ran for 29 years.

One by one, the group took turns introducing themselves and describing what they're looking for or what they're offering; what they can pay or how much they're asking; whether they have or want pets.The program is accepting applications from potential home providers now and will begin taking home seeker applications in October.Seniors who can afford to pay will be charged for services on a sliding scale, though Burkey anticipates most of her clients won't be charged.If an eviction becomes necessary, "the home provider wouldn't have to deal with that on their own.They would have the backing of our program," she said.

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