Specialized bike dating

However, if you’re looking for your first road bike for fun and fast days out, backed up with more comfort than you might expect, or maybe you want something enjoyable and exciting to train on, this is one of the best bikes available at the price.

I can’t pinpoint the exact moment I realized that the Specialized Turbo Vado E-Bike was the future of biking and commuting.

I don’t consider myself an avid bike rider by any stretch.What I do know is now that I have ridden one, I don’t think I can ever go back to a normal bike.Specialized invited us out to Silicon Valley to ride their new electric pedal-assisted bike, the Turbo Vado.The Axis Sport rims aren’t as wide as you’ll find on today’s higher-end road bikes, but they still ensure that Specialized’s 25mm Espoir Sport tyres blow up to a shade over 26mm, and their suppleness and grip proved reassuring during some icy sub-zero rides.Their Blackbelt puncture-protection layer should keep them performing well in the long term too.

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