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Claims apostles Bartholomew and Thaddeus as its founders (not St. St Gregory The Illuminator evangelized Armenia in 301 AD – 1 The word “Catholic” simply means “worldwide” and indeed the first organized group of Christian churches were worldwide. Over the course of nearly 600 years, a small crack would slowly divide this single unified church into two branches: The Roman Catholic branch and the Orthodox branch.During the early years of Christianity, there weren’t denominations and therefore no need to refer to a church by a particular tag: Lutheran, Catholic, etc. Both branches would claim to be the "true church" and would accuse the other of apostasy even up to the twentieth century.Excommunicated Humbert from the Eastern Church (Leo IX was already dead)2.Began as a “commercial” venture to repay dept to Venetians by killing Muslims 3.Founded by John-Mark (author of the "Gospel of Mark") in the first century A.

During the Vatican I council in 1870, the dogma of the infallibility of the pope was officially codified and is still preached and practiced today. Peter Waldo sought to put the Scriptures into the common language of the people, preach to people in a language they understand, and reform the obscenely wealthy monasteries who drew money from poor and stockpiled it (quite the opposite of the vision of Anthony - the first monk).The Orthodox Church became its own distinctentity as a result of the following events which occurred over the course of about 700 years: A. Christ unified in His nature and subsequent person. Pope Leo IX – Pope of Catholic Church – fought against Normans in 1052 taken captive 1. Sent legate Cardinal Humbert to give evidence from Constantine’s “donatio” that Rome held primal papacy. Cardinal Humbert laid Papal Bull of Excommunication on altar of Hagia Sophia B.Michael Cerularius – Archbishop of Constantinople 1. Refused Popes envoy demanding his recognition of the supremacy of Rome 3.At the council of Chalcedon, when the Western "Roman" church began to over reach its authority.This little group of believers was wrongly accused of monophysitism (the Christology that claims that Jesus has one combined nature of God and man).

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