Shaq dating

My decisions are my own and just because I make certain decisions doesn’t mean they are the decisions I want to make.

Recently Nicole ‘Hoopz’ Alexander was known as Shaquille O’Neil girlfriend but their relationship broke off.

'I'm in the fun business.'Prior to O'Neal, the NBA's biggest spokesman were guards and forwards, such as Michael Jordan, Ervin 'Magic' Johnson, and Larry Bird.The gossip has it that Shaquille decided to end it after this fight because he simply got tired of it.Shaquille O’Neal girlfriend was not the first one that he had during his life.He was a former NBA star and his heights is a lot bigger that formers Shaquille O’Neal girlfriend.He is 7’1 feet tall and she only reaches 5’2 feet, good thing that there are high heels for woman, so she could reduce their highs difference although just a little.

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