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For students in their first year of collage, text messaging may be self-reinforcing with a high level of text messaging leading to a need to communicate more to handle stress.While text messaging by itself does not automatically lead to problems, students already dealing with high levels of interpersonal stress are already more vulnerable to the problems linked to greater text messaging.For research results linking text messaging to sleep problems, the relationship seems fairly clear.Possible reasons for this relationship including students using their phones for texting late at night leading to a later beditime, more disturbed sleep, or the use of caffeinated products such as coffee to ensure that users stay awake while texting at night.

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Academic and social burnout was measured by standardized testing looking at cynicism, emotional exhaustion, and reduced self-efficacy.For 14- to 17-year-olds, the overwhelming majority keep their phones in their bedrooms (many even keeping them under their pillow while they sleep).That cell phone and text-messaging appears to be linked to problems with interpersonal stress and burnout may not be so surprising.A new research study published in takes a look at how text messaging is linked to interpersonal stress in college students and also examined the overall impact of text messaging on health and well-being.Conducted by Karla Klein Murdock of Washington and Lee University in Lexington, VA, the study examined 83 first-year undergraduates on measures of interpersonal stress, academic and social burnout, number of daily text messages sent or received, and sleep problems.

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