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Finding interest in the classical dance naturally, she excelled in classes at the Centro de la Cultura in Santiago, Dominican Republic.She later moved to the Instituto de Cultura y Arte (ICA), where she also excellent.I mean, in the context of the song, putting a chimney on someone is meant as an act of revenge (I think) but think about the practicalities of this - the effort involved in transporting the chimney to the location where your potential victim is, not to mention buying the damn thing.I imagine purchasing a chimney is a tad more difficult than popping to the Co-op to get some milk.Onto the issue of moving the damn thing, and you'd have to probably ensure the help of a friend with a transit van to move the chimney to said location, something the Tamperer obviously had when s/he conceived the song lyric.Finally, there's the problem of manouvering the victim into place to dump the chimney on them.When it didn't, he obviously shouted "tish and fipsy!", knocked the B & Q employee to the floor and ran away, determined to finish his anthem for the late 1990s.

Our doors are very sturdy, we have lots of doors in stock..." You can just imagine the Tamperer standing in his local B & Q, questioning whether 'door' would fit into the line.OK, here's a song you might remember with slight humour, or had managed to dispel to the nether regions of your mental library.The song in question, if you hadn't guessed from the one line given in the title of this blog entry, is "Feel It" by The Tamperer featuring Maya.Of course, this sort of thing rarely worked in the cartoon, and so it must have been quite a slog to get the chimney on the person in the song.Maybe he didn't actually manage it, as of course, the immortal lyric is: "what's she going to look like with a chimney on her?

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