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She was sentenced to a five-year prison term and required to register as a sex offender for the rest of her life after pleading no contest in 2011 to one count of unlawful sex with a minor and three counts of lewd acts with a child.Police said Hubbs had improper contact with the boys from 2008 to 2010, when they were as young as 14.One of the boys, who is now 17, reported the social-media messages and said he was scared.That prompted Livermore police to assign two detectives to find out who was involved and whether the messages constituted criminal threats or cyberbullying, said Officer Steve Goard, a department spokesman."We thought 2 1/2 years ago that this was done," Goard said. Did she call and tell her family, 'Hey, this is all the boys' fault, they should pay'? "What we're puzzled most about is how her arrest suddenly made the two boys a target. " Hubbs' family has moved out of Alameda County, but Hubbs - who as a parolee sex offender has to wear a GPS ankle monitor - must remain in the county unless given special permission, authorities said.

It is the ones close to my age looking for younger men, 20's and 30's, that I am having an issue with.

(Not that I do not like to look at a young "hard body" on occasion or rule them completely out.) It is sort of a disappointment to see a profile of a Lady I have in interest in, who is about my age and seem to have similar interest and see where she is only interested in someone "21 to 35".

It is their preference I know and I will not try to convince them that I am what they "really want".

In exchange for Hubbs' no-contest plea, prosecutors dropped 63 other felony sex counts and several misdemeanor counts related to an incident in which she allegedly bought pellet and water guns for several boys and drove them around as they fired at bystanders from the Hummer.

After Hubbs was arrested Friday, her two children and their friends allegedly used Facebook and Twitter to harass and threaten Hubbs' original victims in Livermore, perhaps under the mistaken belief that they had provided information that led to the arrest, authorities said.

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