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Her dress and makeup changed from day to day, but always gave her a heightened, goddesslike appearance.

Her voice, which all writers talk of, was lilting and intoxicating.

Caesar was spellbound as soon as he set eyes on her and she opened her mouth to speak." That same evening Cleopatra became Caesar's lover. But he had always disposed of them quickly to return to what really thrilled him—political intrigue, the challenges of warfare, the Roman theater.

Caesar had seen women try anything to keep him under their spell. One night she would tell him how together they could revive the glory of Alexander the Great, and rule the world like gods.

A few years later, while Antony was in Syria, Cleopatra invited him to come meet her in the Egyptian town of Tarsus.

He undid the rope around the bundle and with a snap of his wrists unfurled it—revealing the young Cleopatra, who had been hidden inside, and who rose up half clothed before Caesar and his guests, like Venus emerging from the waves.twenty-one at the time) appearing before them suddenly as if in a dream.They were astounded at her daring and theatricality---smuggled into the harbor at night with only one man to protect her, risking everything on a bold move. According to the Roman writer Dio Cassius, "Cleopatra was in the prime of life.She had a delightful voice which could not fail to cast a spell over all who heard it.Such was the charm of her person and her speech that they drew the coldest and most determined misogynist into her toils.

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