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Oftentimes Falicia would spend time with her grandmother because her own mother wasn’t up to the task of taking care of her.In one scene in the film Falicia mentions that her grandmother was “up in New York”.The movie shows a scene were Dino gives Falicia a necklace with a padlock on it.The necklace was a real gift and for viewers who made it all the way to the end, the real Falicia Blakely was pictured in her mug shot wearing the chain.It wouldn’t be long before she would get into exotic dancing, using a fake I. Blakely became pregnant shortly after the move to Atlanta. One of the clear changes in the film is the portrayal of Falicia’s child as a girl, but in fact the real Falicia Blakely had a son.Her child was two years old when she was arrested in 2002, so her son, who she calls “Man”, is currently 16 years old, approaching 17.

New dating sites offer options for seniors, whether you're seeking love, fun, companionship or a travel partner see how they stack up against the incumbents.The mugshot image is below: The Murders: Falicia Blakely was 19 years old in August 2002 when the murders were committed.Her real life co-defendant was named Ameshia Ervin.“DINO” Dino (portrayed by Lance Gross in the film) comes into Falicia’s life about 30 minutes into the film.He is an in-and-out of prison, older man, who from the outside looking in was clearly trouble from the beginning.

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