Ronan farrow dating

Ronan Farrow has revealed that he was forced to move out of his Manhattan apartment while working on his explosive expose of Harvey Weinstein because the threats against his safety became so severe.

In a lengthy interview with The Hollywood Reporter which was published on Wednesday, Farrow, 30, eschewed credit for the Me Too movement as he reflected on his painstaking in New Yorker investigation into Weinstein and his alleged sexual misconduct.

NBC has insisted unequivocally and repeatedly that it did not block the report in order to protect Weinstein, as alleged by sources.

He also acknowledged for the first time his relationship with rumored boyfriend Jon Lovett (above together last New Year's Eve) saying the pair had been 'close in recent years' 'But he knew and I knew that it was a moral issue.

He had to continue, even when that meant putting a lot on the line.' Farrow has sought no glory in the risks he took in pursuing the piece and emphatically gives all the credit for his reporting to his 'brave' sources given the opportunity.

Here’s a photo of the modern glass tower: One point five million is a significant sum for someone who graduated from law school in 2009.

Fortunately for Farrow, he has a presumably lucrative gig hosting his own show for MSNBC (and reports of its death have been greatly exaggerated).

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