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If there is one video that is sure to give you nightmares, then this is it.

A man in Boston has filmed a rafter of turkeys circling a dead cat.

YA VEZ QUE ES FÁCIL ESCRIBIR MAL DE UN LUGAR AJENO. Get out and see the world and not from reading a book in your fucking closet and writing about it.You and you commentaries are just SHIT, our women are not indigenous, maybe in the andes area ,buit in not all Ecuador, we have a beauty women, as like you in NYC, I WENT THERE AND I THINK IS A SHIT city with full of lazies, AND JUNKIES I guess you do not to have to go by your self life writting shit of another countries.Just I saw a lot of junkies giving an ass hole for a cigarrete, you speak CRAB Hi, My girlfirend is Ecuadorian (FYI she is BEAUTIFUL! Honestly, is Ecuador dangerous for white people i hear they get targeted because ‘gringos’ are seen as wealthy. however the country looks beautiful and alot of fun!Davis, who describes the 24-second video as 'the craziest thing I have ever seen', shows 17 turkeys walking in a circle around the lifeless cat.What makes the video even more strange is that the cat is lying in the middle of a road.

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