Popular dating site names

The Grade, an app that lets you score your matches and downvote rude or inappropriate people, collected data on which male and female names attract the most right-swipes.They also figured out which name was most likely to match with that person. The most popular women's name will be swiped-right by 70% of guys, while the least popular one measured by The Grade, Tiffany, will only be swiped-right 28% of the time.As with boys names, a shift away from more traditional choices has seen Angel and Miley move ahead of Rachel and Jennifer in the league of names, with 316 Mileys and 299 Angels, compared to 227 Rachels and 226 Jennifers. The quest for bizarre names saw television and popular culture mined for options.Game of Thrones inspired some parents, with eleven boys called Tyrion last year and six called Theon.The UK’s most popular names for cats and dogs of the past year have been revealed.

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That's right: people with certain names are more popular on online dating apps.This is partly explained by an increase in hyphenated names.For example, in 2013 there were 324 different examples of hyphenated boys’ names given to three or more boys, up from just 54 in 2003.Statisticians put the high numbers down to the tradition amongst some Muslim families of naming their first-born after the Islamic prophet.After two years of Royalty at number one, Harry has now been replaced by Oliver as the official most popular boys name in England and Wales.

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