Poedit error updating the catalog failed

Note that it does not say anything about not finding sources - just that it failed. I have also validated both files: I'm using Po Edit on Mac and had the same issue. In my case, some minified js files cause the error. Translating Plural Forms with Poedit | hakre on wordpress – Jan 11, 2010 · Use the Codestyling Localization (Word Press Plugin) and you have no problems with plural in all languages. catalogs editing tool known for its ease of use and fast speed.Upgrading is really quite easy, as there are not many backwards compatibility breaks.

The last thing to do is to save the file again and packed it with your project (remember to again delete the file because each time you save the file another file will be created). Till now, I didn't figure out what exactly is the issue. This was not set, so I set it on Katalog-Pereferences to UTF-8. They are identical in every aspect except for their purposes.A file is often created by the plugin or theme author himself and then delivered along with that plugin or theme so that translators can translate such project using Poedit conveniently.

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