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"They [already] have these well-rounded profiles," Pringle said."In some cases people have been on the platform for 14 years and so they know so much about you that chances are, between your interests and the groups that you're a part of, they'll be able to make some pretty good recommendations."John Madigan, an analyst for market research company IBISWorld, said Facebook's dating feature "is likely to cause a shakeup in the dating services industry.""Facebook has some competitive advantages entering the dating industry with its user base of over two billion," Madigan said in an email to CBC News.Facebook would have already been working on developing a dating service for months, if not years — long before the Cambridge Analytica controversy blew up, Kurasawa said.And the timing of the announcement was likely a calculated move."[It's] an interesting move," said Fuyuki Kurasawa, an expert in social media and digital culture at York University in Toronto.The timing may seem like "a very odd choice in terms of addressing issues of privacy," but Facebook's foray into the booming online dating industry actually makes sense from a "strategic and business perspective," he said."Clearly, part of this is an attempt on Facebook for public relations reasons to try to turn the page to have the media cover Facebook by looking at a different aspect of the company rather than talking about privacy concerns that users are having," he said.

"It made me feel bad."In her letter, Belanger doesn't just condemn the practice, she asks the management to answer a few important questions about the fish throwing."What happens to them after they get thrown on the ice? While Harriet hasn't received any response from the Predators, she's gained plenty of local attention and feedback.Her statement also took aim at Facebook by alluding to the privacy scandal."We're surprised at the timing given the amount of personal and sensitive data that comes with this territory," she said.So clearly there's something to do here."That number is a "key factor" at the heart of what Facebook can gain by starting a dating service, Kurasawa said. While one objective is to draw more users to Facebook, the more important goal is to increase the amount of time that existing users spend on the platform, Kurasawa said.That's because engagement time is an important metric for advertisers, but research has shown that users, particularly younger people, are not staying on Facebook for as long as they used to.

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