Play gt5 without updating

I racked up some "Cash rewards" credit from reviewing stuff, and providing video trailers for movies.This system sometimes doesn't work, and on a couple of occasions that I complained to them, they gave me some credit to compensate.All up, between my own efforts and admin credit, I scored .20. Then, they update their site and the DS games are now .99 each.Last week, I finally took the plunge and used one of the vouchers to buy two DS games: Professor Layton and the Curious Village, Professor Layton and Pandora's Box and Okami for Wii. I send a tersely worded e-mail to Fishpond, and they give me some party line about flucuating prices, etc.Now this is annoying, 'coz firstly I don't want the dumbed down US version. Another e-mail to Fishpond pointing out their deceptive practices (they had separate listings for the US and AUS/UK versions), and this is the response: I then notice that they removed the US version from their product listing.The rest of the e-mail amounted to: I've forwarded your e-mail to the "appropriate departments", which I'm guessing have names like "Recycle bin" and "Trash can".

There has been a few reports of this happening over at the ozbargains website it is not right for them to adverstise one region item and supply another.

I have noticed that this also occurs frequently in their blu-ray section incorrect pictures and region information, its about time they got there act together I ordered okami from them and I've gotta say I'm not too sure whether I'd bother with them again. It took a week to arrive which is pretty slow compared to any other orders I've made but I gues that's not completely their fault. But I know that there's a lot of people that are picky about what region version they get and if it was advertised as the Australian version then i'd push for it.

I ordered two textbooks and got them within 2 weeks.

I think their warehouse and their webstore need a direct line of comms really.

Only real problem I've had with FP is the prices teetering all over the shop.

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