Pit fissure sealant application updating technique

By attracting this audience to their dental practices, dentists will develop a long-term patient base. Read More » SDI Introduces Riva Star, an SDF (silver diamine fluoride) Desensitiser Released: 4/20/2018 Riva Star’s FDA registration is as a new generation SDF (silver diamine fluoride) desensitizer that immediately relieves tooth sensitivity. There is a tremendous amount of information abroad yet often we find ourselves stuck in pathways leading to semi optimal results.Jihyon Kim CE Supporter: 3M Dental Release Date: 5/23/18 Expiration Date: 5/23/21 CE Credits: 1 CEU (Self-Study) Description (expand) This CE webinar discusses micro-esthetic elements that matter most to patients and have the greatest esthetic impact.These elements are achieved with one tool, the Sof-Lex XT Disk, used for multiple functions to mill, sculpt, and add nuance to injection overmolded composite resin restorations.(read more) This CE webinar addresses several clinical scenarios focusing on the use of digital interaction to tackle challenges in the daily clinical work.Additionally, you will learn about the impact digital technology can help achieve case acceptance through patient engagement.

Join him as he examines the impact of high-level caries diagnostics on the practice and patients.(read more) Dentin hydraulic conductance with different application times of diamine silver fluoride/potassium iodide desensitizing solution Released: 4/20/2018 Dental hypersensitivity is a painful condition that affects a large part of the adult population and is associated with dentin exposure to the oral environment.Read More » Signs, Symptoms and Management of Local Anesthetic Allergies Released: 1/22/2018 Following the administration of a local anesthetic, a minority of patients may suffer one of a range of unwanted symptoms.This allows for simplification of the clinical process and practical application and predictability in practice.(read more) Dental Caries - Examining the Evolution of Detection, Intervention, and Prevention Presenter: Marianne Dryer, RDH, MEd CE Supporter: Premier Dental Release Date: 5/17/18 Expiration Date: 5/17/21 CE Credits: 1 CEU (Self-Study) Description (expand) Caries detection has evolved considerably over the last decade.

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