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Furthermore, many psychologists believe that certain fears may be instinctive, and the fear of heights may have evolved from primitive ancestors' fear of cliffs.

Behavior Therapy In the 1960s, psychologists began to pursue more radical treatments than searching for the root of the phobia.

Everyone has normal fears, but a phobia is multiplied and irrational.

Any person, for example, will feel a twinge of anxiety peering over the edge of a twenty-story drop on a windy day.

This treatment, however, has a relatively low success rate for a number of reasons.

Acrophobia frequently develops as children are learning to crawl and are discovering the dangers of falling, yet adults seeking treatment for a phobia may not recall a specific incident that sparked their fear of heights.

More than twenty-six million Americans suffer from a phobia: an involuntary, paralyzing fear of an object or situation.

The size of the steps is determined by the severity of the fear and how quickly the patient progresses.When faced with a threatening situation, taking slow, deep breaths can help slow the heart rate and increase the oxygen flow to muscles to keep from tensing up.If possible, a few minutes of meditation may be effective in relieving some tension.After all, they reasoned, it isn't necessary to find the gun and learn the motivation of the assailant in order to treat a gunshot wound.Behavior therapy skips the analysis and starts treatment immediately, and today it is the most effective form of phobia treatment.

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