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In addition, prescription foot orthoses help prevent future problems from occurring in the foot and lower extremity by reducing abnormal or pathological forces acting on the foot and lower extremity.A prescription foot orthosis is more commonly known by the public as a "foot orthotic".

Some types of functional foot orthoses may also be designed to accommodate painful areas on the bottoms of the foot, just like accommodative foot orthoses.The advantages of accommodative orthoses are that they are relatively soft and forgiving and are generally easy to adjust in shape after they are dispensed to the patient to improve comfort.The disadvantages of accommodative orthoses are that they are relatively bulky, have relatively poor durability, and often need frequent adjustments to allow them to continue working properly.The Process of Prescribing Foot Orthoses In order to design and fabricate a prescription foot orthosis, the podiatrist must perform a biomechanical examination of the foot and lower extremities.Angular measurements are taken of the toes, foot, ankle, knees and hip to determine the amount and level of any structural or functional deformities.

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