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Loading third party scripts into the parent window gives that third party access to cookies and other potentially confidential information in the page.

Accessing that script from a third party domain requires an additional DNS lookup (which can be costly).

Certainly, it puts a load on Doug’s webhosting company that shouldn’t be there.

But more importantly, it exposes the content site to security and performance vulnerabilities.

The link will take you to different writings or user statements, mostly positive, about the software.

Meanwhile, I will be reiterating how it works as monitoring software with the inclusions of a blunt manifestation about internet romance and how can a parent, in particular, save teens before it is too late. Online dating fraud in its simplest form is any romance that is happening online over a two complete strangers who has not met each other in person.

Hearing it sounds lame but this is no laughing matter especially that it has risked human lives.I have my reservations about online dating considering A: I have the worst luck in dating and I meet people in person and B: There are some real creeps out there!Online dating has made women even more accessible to men on the prowl.A hopeless romantic can stumble upon ‘the one’ halfway around the world, decide to meet each other in person, exchange vows, build a family and live happily ever after!However, one cannot deny the fact those incidents of disappointing internet unions recounted to the authorities are unfortunately increasing.

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