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You want to hear something strange it has been over 4 years that I stopped, she still writes me.I will tell you I know for a fact she is not a real Ukrainian girl.What helped me realize it was all a scam I saved all the letters the video chats anything that this girl sent me.One day I read over everything and nothing matched.When I would travel to Europe I dated a few women there too. I have played with a few different online sites from Philippine to Russian to Chinese. At the time the Ukraine women were not popular at all over the years the online dating changed.It went from the companies being legitimate and the girls being the scammers.

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In other words, "reviews" websites that attempt to use our registered trademark in their URL's will not be accepted in our affiliate program.Lying to them so they will write back and spend more money.I know Ukrainian people believe in karma, the only thing I can think of is they are desperate.I would be very specific in what I would ask her, she would almost never respond to my letters in a direct way.Every letter I reread was the same she did not respond in a normal way. For instance Hi Rod, I have been so busy but I am always thinking about you.

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