Nintendo wii updating frozen

It doesn't matter when it happened (e.g during game play or updating). EDIT: BTW I know someone that sent out their wii and had it back in less then 2 weeks. Second i can open up the wii if i want to cause according to Nintendo my wii's warranty ran out about a year ago so...

I looked this up on the Internet and it seems others have had this problem as well. Unless voiding the warranty also includes that you can't get warranty again.[QUOTE="Super Gamer45678"]Ok..... i can't even get past the wii menu so i can't really make it to the memory storage part and transfer the memory.

I bring this out now, because I hope to god that SMG does not freeze, and I don't know now if I want Godfather and BWII if their gonna freeze on me the whole blasted time. And yeah it might be the connection, although I have a good one and its right next door to my router.

I got it the day it came out, so if it becomes a real problem I'll just send it to Nintendo.

Maybe my Wii acts up to dual-layered DVDs, but I can't really tell since I don't think there's another game out there that requires as much space as Brawl. and i just got my birthday money so when my parents found out that i needed to repair my wii the look in their eyes said it all... I don't want 96.00 dollars going down the drain so soon.... Can someone refer me to a website where people tell you how to fix it? I appreciate your good intentions with that reply but... So yeah, call Nintendo Try using an SD card and store as much info as possible on it.

The repair takes at most 3 days so you're without the console for less then a week.

Playing Brawl and when I'm passing between the old trial games, it likes to freeze. The first 3 times were during Madden 08 during furious re-loading while I was sim-ing a season which didn't worry me.

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Hmmm my friend had this problem with his Wii as I recall. It turns out the problem was with his internet connection.the funny part was i didn't even know my wii got sent in when i got it back. Thanks to all who gave me ideas (even though most if not all were "send it in to nintendo".)If anyone else has freezing problems feel free to post it here.My parents sent it in on monday and i got it back on thursday after school. I got a message saying that the Wii U Gamepad Update failed and had to restart the console. After the restart, it will start up the update again at around 80% and finish without a problem. I got a message saying that the Wii U Gamepad Update failed and had to restart the console.

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