Need dating advice

I used to be an extremely awkward person, but after years of trying to get comfortable with myself I'm not that awkward anymore.

I've gotten to a point where I'm confident with myself and life choices, and I'm not always depressed like I used to be- so I think I'm ready to try dating again.

She's quite shy and awkward, seems a bit nervous when we're talking, fidgeting quite a lot, and judging by the way she acts in general, she doesn't have much dating experience... Things are going very slowly, both of us are pretty slow to open up, but she seems all right as far as I got to know her.

Anyway, one thing I'm confused about is why she's been lying about a few things regarding high school/college.

I can meet and make friends with girls no problem, but finding someone I'm actually interested in is a challenge- and finding someone who shares that feeling is even harder.

A is usually slightly better viewed than B, but it's no big difference. Most students here come from specialization A, because it's more related to the course, so when we talked about high school I just assumed she did A (even though I did some stalking beforehand and knew for a fact that she did B, but it would've been weird to say it - yeah, I could've just asked her, I messed up here). If you're new to a city or just looking for ideas on how to meet more people, check out our city dating guides for singles.Our dating guides will walk you through all the best places to find love, from singles bars to community activities!Last night I was at kickboxing training and I noticed that there was a cute new girl who had her first training.Usually I’m very shy and won’t talk to women, however this time I just didn’t think about it and I introduced myself after the training.

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